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Celebrate the unbreakable bond of love with this handmade thick and thin lovers' keychain. Each keychain is carefully crafted to symbolize the enduring strength of your relationship. Whether it's for your significant other, partner, or anyone special in your life, this keychain is a heartfelt reminder of the love and connection you share.


Product Details:
This thick and thin partner keychain features a sturdy construction with bars made from 12 gauge aluminum. Although this gauge is heavy duty, it is lightweight because aluminum is a lightweight metal. One bar is 1/4" wide and approximately 1 3/4" long. The other is a skinny, 1/8" hand hammered aluminum bar that is a matching length. Both bars are hand cut and made so sizing could slightly vary. Total length with keyring is approximately 2.5". 


How To Order:
Choose if you want to add customization - add a name to the bar or keep it plain
Choose if you want to include the I love you hand sign charm or not
If you want to add a name, include that in the personalization box provided. If you choose to add a name, it will automatically include the heart stamp as shown. Your name will appear after the heart, as shown. 15 characters maximum.


It arrives packaged in a gift box as shown in photos. It includes a card on light cardstock that says the following:
Thick & Thin
Throughout life’s ups and downs, you’ve been my rock, my trusted confidant, and the source of my inner strength. Our relationship has weathered storms and celebrated moments of joy.
Just as these bars represent the unbreakable connection we share, I am thankful for your presence in my life. Your unwavering support through every victory and challenge, alongside the countless memories we’ve created together, mean the world to me.
As we continue on this journey together, let this keychain be a symbol of our resilient bond, capable of overcoming any obstacles we may face. Here’s to many more adventures, shared laughter, and cherished moments as we navigate life’s beautiful journey together.


The “Thick and Thin” poem was written by It's All About You Amy. This is an original poem and may not be reproduced, distributed or sold without express permission. Copyright It's All About You Amy, 2024. Any illegal reproduction of this content will result in immediate legal action


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