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How to make a wreath bow or a bow for decoration.
how to make a bow for a wreath

This video shows you how to make wreath bow or a bow for anywhere.  I've made bows in the past and last year I made all new. Except my wreath bow was this awesome plaid and the others were beautiful, but once I hung them, I realized they didn't match.  So this year I bought new plaid ribbon (from Michaels for $7.99- 140 ft which was PLENTY!) but then I couldn't remember how to make my bows!  Would you believe I could not find a video anywhere to make these? I found my old instructions from when I made my pew bows when I got married, 13 years ago on 12/8, so I decided to make a video for anyone else who might be searching like I was.  Hope it is helpful!

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