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I love unique, special things.  people and dogs included.

     What started as a hobby in August of 2014 in a small corner of my barn, creating personalized jewelry and keepsakes for friends and family, has bloomed into a bustling little business. Although I have moved to a much more efficient office space in my house, the process still remains the same. I make your creations, with patience and love, one order at a time.

     I specialize in hand stamped jewelry and gifts. All of my items are handmade by ME, one at a time! While I do strive for perfection, hand stamping is a unique process and uniformity is not always possible. I use a hammer to stamp each letter, number or design one at a time so spacing, depth and alignment may not be exactly the same but that is what makes hand stamped items so special and personal! Part of the beauty of hand-stamped jewelry lies in its imperfections and it’s handcrafted look. You can tell if jewelry is an authentic hand-stamped piece because every stamp is unique. 

I am the owner, operator, creator, maker, packer, shipper, photographer, marketing specialist and manager of the day to day operations. I take my business very seriously and am always trying to perfect my product and procedures. I include many details in the item listing and photos so my customers will have a realistic expectation when they receive it. If you have any questions, reach out to me. Unless I am driving or sleeping, I usually respond very quickly to any chats or messages so feel free to reach out at any time!

I love to be creative and I can help you create something unique for your own special gift.  Adding personalization with initials or a monogram, special dates or numbers or a meaningful word or phrase will further customize your piece of jewelry.  From birthdays to baby showers, wedding jewelry, Christmas gifts, memorial or inspirational keepsakes... I can help you design something that is personal to you and perfect for any occasion!  



About Me, Jewelry Desinger, It's All About You Amy, I have desined hundreds of custom keepsakes for people all over the world. I work with the customer to add personalization so their piece of jewelry is unique. 

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