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Hand Stamped Cuff Bracelet with #thisis40


This bracelet is hand stamped with #thisis40 and is packaged with a special card. This bracelet is for those women that are in their 40s and makes a perfect gift!

The card reads:

"Now that I have arrived to my 4th decade, I feel that I am not only older, but wiser. I am more confident in who i am and that resonates outwardly in all that I do. The friends I have are not based on quantity but quality. They are true and they get me. For they too share in the same things that bring me joy and pain; a new washing machine, the botox dilemma, body changes, raising children, saggy boobs, joint pain, grocery store deals, wrinkle cream (see above - botox dilemma) and the list goes on. Welcome. This is 40."


Aluminum cuff bracelts are 6" long, 1/4" width and will fit most wrists. If you have a very petite wrist or a larger wrist, you may contact me for special sizing.


This bracelet will be gift boxed with the special card as shown. If you do not want to include the card, you can choose to have it packaged simply in a gift bag.

#thisis40 Bracelet

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