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This stylish necklace is a perfect gift for any woman you know.
Chain is sterling silver and bar is aluminum, polished to a high shine.

The horizontal bar is approximately 1 3/4 -2" long and is aluminum. It is hand cut, sanded, stamped and made to order. You have multiple options with this necklace.Choose your width- Skinny (1/8" width)Regular (1/4" width)You can choose a textured finish or a smooth finish.

You will also choose your chain. You have the option of choosing a delicate link chain or an Italian box chain. All necklaces will have the slide option. This means that the chain is not attached directly to the bar. The benefit to this is that the bar will always hang centered and it will not flip. You can also swap out bars and contact me to order individual bars. 


Silver Bar Necklace

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