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These secret message personalized cuff bracelets make great gifts! The message is on the inside and a pattern is on the outside. You may personalize this cuff bracelet with a phrase of your choice. I will stamp almost any request with exception to derogatory, racist, discriminatory or sexist requests.


You will need to keep your request at 50 characters or less, which includes spaces, punctuation, designs and numbers. If your request is more than 50, please contact me before placing your order to see if I can accommodate your request. You will be able to select your font choice along with your phrase. If you would like a mixture of fonts, please specify in the customization field. If you do not have enough space, please send me a message. If you do not specify a font choice, I will choose one that I feel fits your quote the best. If you do not know what to choose, you can let me know by typing "artist preference" and I will decide for you. If this is a gift, you might let me know who it is for so I can choose accordingly. For example, I would most likely choose a different design for someone in their 50s versus someone in their 20s.

For a list of fonts available:


This bracelet is made of aluminum. Aluminum is a great choice for jewelry because it is a lightweight metal that is hypoallergenic, does not contain nickel and does not tarnish. This bracelet is heavier gauge and is 6" long and it is 1/4" in width. It is hand stamped and hand forged into a cuff bracelet. It will fit most wrists and can be gently squeezed to fit snugly. It is polished to a high shine, mirror finish.


Choose from hammered, rain or diamond dust pattern.

Hidden Message Bracelet

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