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Honor your beloved furry friend this Christmas with this heartfelt Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorial Ornament. This beautiful ornament features paw prints, your pet's name, and their date of passing, serving as a loving tribute to their memory. Hang it on your tree and cherish the joy they brought into your life. A perfect way to keep their spirit alive during the holiday season.


This ornament is very large, measuring at 3". The angel wing charm is 2.5" wide x 2.75" tall. The large 3" brushed aluminum circle is personalized with your pet’s name, date of death, and the words wait for me at the (rainbow stamp) bridge. Each one will be stamped in the center with the words "In Loving Memory" and a paw print heart stamp below. It hangs from a red satin ribbon with white paw prints. 

This item arrives in a gift box, as shown. 

How to order:
Enter the pet’s name and date of death in the box provided. If your pet’s name is too long, smaller font in the same style will be used.


If you have questions, reach out to me prior to ordering. 

Pet Memorial Keepsake Ornament

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