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This necklace is part of my newest collection of "Tribe" jewelry.


People come and go, but once in awhile you meet certain people who you know are going to stay in your life forever. The ones you could talk with for hours, but still enjoy their comfortable silence. The ones that you can laugh and cry with. The ones that stick by your side, believe in you and help you remember who you really are. You know, the once in a lifetime kind of people — the drop everything, call in the middle of night, always there no matter what people. These people are your tribe — love them fiercely.


This necklace is made of lightweight aluminum and is 1/2" in diameter. It is hand stamped with a double triangle arrow and has a hammered finish. It hangs from a delicate sterling silver flat cable chain and is available in 16" or 18" length. 


Aluminum is a great choice for jewelry because it is a lightweight metal that is hypoallergenic, does not contain nickel and does not tarnish. 


This necklace comes packaged in a gift box with a card as shown. Card says:

"My Tribe

You are my people. I found you and I will love you hard. You are the family I chose."


My Tribe Necklace Double Arrow

  •  *** Stering silver will tarnish over time- a natural process. A polishing pad is included with the purchase to keep them clean. When not being worn, they should be stored in a zip-top style bag with all the air squished out.


    *** Aluminum does not tarnish. To clean your aluminum pieces, dampen a soft cloth and wipe clean, then dry thoroughly.


    *** Since my items are handmade, they should not be worn while showering or swimming or exposed to chlorine, salt water or other. Please note that any perfumes, lotions and medications may cause a reaction with your skin and metal. Apply perfumes and lotions before you put on your jewelry.


    *** Sterling chains may have a chemical reaction with certain body chemistry and is NOT an indication of inferior quality.

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