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Elevate your smartwatch game with a custom band charm designed exclusively for you! Transform your wristwear into a statement piece that reflects your unique style and personality. Endless design options are available. Hundreds of design stamps, many different font options, birthstone crystals and more to choose from!

This video will show you how to attach your custom charm:

**Key Features**

Endless Customization-
Choose from a vast array of design stamps, fonts, crystals and more! Mix and match to personalize to your style or create one for a friend or co-worker for a one-of-a-kind gift! 

High-Quality Materials-
Hypoallergenic aluminum is used to craft your custom band. This charm is made to withstand daily wear and not move around or fall off! 

Easy Installation-
This band is designed for hassle-free attachment to most popular smartwatch bands. No need for special tools or technical expertise.

Exceptional Craftsmanship-
Each charm is meticulously crafted to ensure the highest level of detail and quality, giving your smartwatch a luxurious and unique look.

Meaningful and Sentimental-
Create a charm that tells your story. Whether it's initials, birthstones, or symbols that hold special meaning to you, customization options allow you to express yourself.

Perfect Gifts-
   Surprise your loved ones with a thoughtful and personalized gift. Custom charms make for meaningful presents for birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion.

Secure and Durable-
This band is designed to stay securely attached to your smartwatch band, ensuring they won't easily fall off during your daily activities.

This band measures 1" wide and is compatible with a wide range of smartwatches- if you need yours larger, please reach out prior to ordering.

This band measures 1" wide. It is not one solid piece. See the link to the video to see how to easily attach to your watch band. Most charms will slide onto the band and then you will squeeze the back tight to the band to prevent it from sliding. If you have a stretch band, you will attach it to the band and then close it tight in the back to prevent it from sliding around. Your band will arrive open to make it easier to fit all bands. You will just need to slide or attach to your band and squeeze the back closed tightly against the band. 

This watch band measures 1" wide. Please measure your watch band BEFORE ordering to ensure this charm will fit. We do not offer refunds for personalized charms because they won't fit your watch band.

Your personalized text will be HAND STAMPED into your aluminum charm. 

Enter your text personalization in the box provided. Leave any other information that you think I may need to complete your order in the box provided or NOTE TO SELLER upon checkout.

Please review the list below. This is a reference on how many letters can fit on each band. Characters is defined as each letter or design. If you would like a design stamp and letters, you must add that in to the calculations. Same goes with adding birthstones. There is only so much space to stamp. Please see photo for examples on how to order.

>>>>>Available Font List and maximum letters for bands:
Tribal Unicase - 4-5 characters, depending on letters chosen 
Newspaper - 5-6 characters, depending on uppers or lowers chosen
Sans - 6-8, depending on uppers or lowers chosen
Simple - 7-10, depending on uppers or lowers chosen
Katelynn - 8-10, depending on uppers or lowers chosen
Dream unicase 5mm - 4-5, depending on letters chosen
Dream unicase 3mm - 6-7, depending on letters chosen
Cafe - 6-7, depending on letters chosen
Childs Play - 6-8, depending on letters chosen
Say Something - 7-9, depending on letters chosen
Jeanie - 7-8, depending on letters chosen
Ginger Uppers - 6-7, depending on letters chosen
Sophie - 5-9, depending on letters chosen
Wildflowers - 5-9, depending on letters chosen
Tiny Block -  up to 10 characters
Willow (lowercase only) -7-8, depending on letters chosen
Roman Numerals - 5-6, depending on letters chosen

Fonts that can do up to 2 lines of text:
Say Something (LOWERS ONLY) - up to 10 characters on each line
Tiny Block - up to 10 characters on each line

Detailed photos of all fonts and designs:


Custom Smart Watch Band Charm

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