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This Weirdo Tribe wish bracelet is a cute, affordable gift to give, and comes with a keepsake card. Choose plain packaging, an organza gift bag OR a gift box as shown in photos.


Adorable handmade Wish Bracelet with 3 silver square beads, tied with a black 1mm waxed cotton cord. 

Each bracelet measures 12” long ensuring a fit for everyone. The bracelet is taped to the card and will be packaged in a clear wrapping as shown. 

Simply tie the wish bracelet on your wrist or ankle, make a wish, and cut off the excess.


Choose your card (image of card options in photos- blurred for copyright purposes, yours will be clear):

Weirdo Tribe

When you find people who not only tolerate your quirks but celebrate themwith you, be sure to hold them close. Because those weirdos are your tribe.


Badass Tribe

Behind every Badass woman is a Tribe of other Badass women who have her back.Thank you for being part of my tribe.


My Tribe

You are my people. I found you and I will fiercely love you.You are the family I chose.


Each card will say at the bottom:

Tie this bracelet around your wrist,

Then close your eyes and make a wish.

Legend says when it breaks in two,

The wish you made will soon come true.


Please note: Wish Bracelets are not intended for small children. Small charm and/or cord could pose a choking hazard.

Weirdo Tribe Wish Bracelet

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