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This adorable keychain is for anyone who lives in PA or used to but still calls it home.

This keychain is 1 1/4" x 3/4" outline of the state of Pennsylvania. It will be stamped with a tiny heart, colored in red, in the location of your choice.*

It will be stamped with the word home. The placement of the word home will be determined upon the location of the heart. The key ring hole may be in a different location, also based upon those placements. 


*When choosing where the heart will be stamped, please include the city of your choice. Since this keychain is smaller in size, the heart will be placed as close to the city as possible- but it may not be exact.


Option to choose a regular key ring or a zipper pull to be attached to a purse, jacket, bag or anything else with a zipper. 

Pennsylvania Keychain Home

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