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This bracelet is made from military grade braided rope. Available in 3 colors, black, tan or army green. The rope is 7" long and will stretch to 12". The penny is attached in the middle and it is a closed bracelet. (You cannot open it) It will slip over your wrist. 

You have the option of selecting the year penny. Most years are available, starting at 1970 and up. Very limited 1960s. No pennies before 1960. 

If you select a year penny and it is not available, you will receive a random lucky penny. All pennies are hand stamped with a 4-leaf clover and left plain. Penny will be shiny when you receive it, however copper does change color over time as it is exposed to the air. This is a natural process and is called a patina. 


Lucky Penny Bracelet

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