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2021 pennies available!
***please READ entire listing! It explains how to order. You must include notes to seller at checkout with all of the information 
or it WILL delay your order!***
This listing is for ONE customized penny keychain. You will receive one hand stamped penny with your year of choice (provided I have the year requested) and one aluminum, hammered, disc. When choosing this option, make sure to choose the option in the drop down box, (# of pennies) + disc. There is also an option to select multiple pennies and NOT include the aluminum disc. For this selection you would choose (# of pennies) NO DISC
Here is how to order:

From the drop down box, you will select how many pennies you would like and if you would like a disc included. You will be required to enter information into the custom text field.
**Please include the following info**
(__Penny year__)  (__name__)
Aluminum disc(DADDY) -what you want stamped(Est. 2014)
Examples:1985- Jarred1992- Kelly
aluminum disc-DADEst. 2010
**Each penny can be stamped with up to 8 characters (MAXIMUM). In the note to seller you will indicate what year penny and what you want stamped on it. You will also need to include what you want stamped on the aluminum disc. They will then be individually attached to a sturdy keyring.** 
This is a great gift for a dad, boyfriend, mom, new homeowner, newlyweds, the list goes on. Please contact me if you have an idea but aren't sure if I can do it.
Please note if you choose to have something other then DAD, DADDY, PAPI, PADRE stamped on the disc, the font may be smaller and is subject to my placement to accommodate your choice.
These will include special packaging, as pictured with a "dad" printable. Include notes if you DO NOT
 want it packaged like that and I will ship it in my normal, logo packaging.
*****see my shop policies on hand stamping****
These pennies will be polished to a high shine and will look like brand new pennies when you first receive them. However, over time, they will darken because of oxidation. This is a normal process and you should expect it to happen.*Some pennies are old or they are worn and I can not polish out all the stains. This is part of the uniqueness of this gift. Depending on the year and the availability they may not all look the same.
If you would like more then one disc, contact me and I can create a custom listing for you.
If a penny year is not available, I reserve the right to use a different year- but not before I attempt to contact you for a solution.

Fathers Day Keychain Penny Keychain

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