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Elevate the essence of female friendship with our Top-Rated Best Friend Elephant Keychain – a symbol of loyalty and fierce protection. Adorned with a small silver-tone elephant charm, a white leather suede tassel with a chic plastic cap, and a natural walnut wood Monstera leaf charm, this unique keychain keepsake embraces the bond of sisterhood. A perfect loyalty gift, celebrating the bond between females who protect each other like noble elephants. Each purchase can include a gift box, ensuring your gesture of friendship is beautifully presented. Unveil the spirit of sisterhood with this thoughtful and unique keepsake.


  » Choose your elephant story card; "Thank you for being my elephant" OR "Thank you for being part         of my elephant tribe" (see photos in listing for options)
  » Choose if you would like a gift box or just wrapped in clear plastic
  » If you choose a gift box, it will arrive as shown in the photos
  » If you choose clear packaging, you will receive the card and the keychain, slid inside of a 4X6                     resealable cellophane bag 

  » Monstera leaf charm is made of natural walnut wood, is lightweight and smooth and approx. 1.25"           long x 1" wide and approx. 2mm thick 
  » Tassel is approx. 1.5" long, made of leather suede and has a plastic cap
  » Elephant charm is a metal alloy, silver in color and approx. 14mm x 14 mm



The Elephant Story poems, both versions, were written by It's All About You Amy. This is an original story and may not be reproduced, distributed or sold without express permission. Copyright It's All About You Amy, 2023. Any illegal reproduction of this content will result in immediate legal action.

Elephant Keychain, Female Friendship Gift

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