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We love our pets! Celebrate them this Christmas and make your tree extra special with this personalized pet name ornament. Each ornament is crafted with care and can be customized with your pets' names, creating a unique and heartwarming addition to your holiday decor. Celebrate the love and joy your furry friends bring to your life, and remember them fondly during the festive season. This ornament also makes a thoughtful gift for any pet lover in your life.

Ornament is aluminum and is hand stamped with your pet's name or names. The very top of the ornament is stamped with the year, 2023. The top half will be stamped with a variety of snowflakes, placement will vary. Space is limited for your pets' names. As you can see in the photos, there are 2 sizes of fonts. Depending upon the number of pets and the number of characters in the names, your ornament will use the size that fits bets. I do have the ability to stamp another line of text above, but that is limited. If your pets names are too long, I will reach out for an alternate option.
You have the choice of 2 hanger styles. The first one is an S shaped hook that will include a bow, handmade out of red satin ribbon with white paw prints. The second option is a  ribbon only, of the same style. 

Each ornament will arrive in a gift box as shown with packaging that has the words "You've left your paw prints on my heart" with some paw prints around.

Ornament Dimensions: 2 1/2" x 2"
S Hook: 2" long

Custom Pet Name Christmas Ornament

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