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Making a beautiful wreath on a budget

Here is how I turn an artificial wreath into a beautiful Christmas wreath each year.

This is the wreath I bought at AC Moore a few years ago. I bought it on sale and paid about $10 for it. It is a 36" wreath, but you can get one smaller for less. Plan ahead and purchase one with a coupon!

I cut my own greens from a cabin property we have, but you can purchase live greens if you can't cut them on your own. You don't need many. I always over cut, but my friends take the leftovers and never mind!

The key is to tuck the live greens in the artificial greens. What I do, is then twist the artificial branches over the live branches to secure them.

Keep adding, keep twisting.

Here is a close up.

My pile of live greens.

I use a few different types of live greens. I layer them in and keep them in one direction so that it flows with the wreath.

When I add my bow, I take the long tail and tuck and twist, just like the greens.

This poinsettia was a clip on at the Dollar Store.

You can see the layers of live greens.

Here I have added my bow and Dollar Tree poinsettia

The key to tucking in the tail of your bow is to take a little and leave it out and then pinch a section and tuck it in and then loop it out again and tuck it in. Does that make sense?

Here is my finished wreath. I love it and it looks like the entire thing is real. But it is so much easier then making a live wreath from scratch. The artificial serves as a great base.

Good luck!

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