Great find at Michaels today!

November 20, 2016

On the way home from our soccer tournament today, I asked my husband to stop at Michaels. I needed some painting supplies for an art project we are going to do over Thanksgiving. He dropped my daughters and I off at the front door and I promised we would be quick. As we hustled in the door I said "Ok, let's stay focused and just get what's on our list." 10 seconds in the door and our eyes darted all over the place at all f the Christmas displays and decorations. We were like Dory with a shiny object! 

As we tried to regroup and look for our first item, we saw this sign. 

I couldn't resist... but it was $69.99!!! Good news though- it was 50% off! Plus, I had saved a 25% off total purchases, INCLUDING sale items (which is a rare coupon these days) and a 40% off any one item. Dare I try to use both?? I did and I could! 

Total price: $26.24!

What a great deal! I can't wait to put up the rest of my mantel decorations. 

Oh, did I mention it also lights up?

They have some great decorations out right now. If you want to get a deal too, here are the coupons I used-

Happy shopping!!

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