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Lake Raystown wish bracelet is a cute, affordable gift to give, and comes with a keepsake card. Choose plain packaging, an organza gift bag OR a gift box as shown in photos.


Adorable handmade Wish Bracelet with a silvertone anchor charm, tied with a black 1mm waxed cotton cord. 

Each bracelet measures 12”+ long ensuring a fit for everyone. The bracelet is taped to the card and will be packaged in a clear wrapping as shown. 

Simply tie the wish bracelet on your wrist or ankle, make a wish, and cut off the excess. It is suggested that you carefully take a lighter or match to the end where you cut it off for a brief second. This will melt the wax on the cord and prevent the knot from sliding loose. 

The following poem is printed on each card:

Lake Life (with an image of Raystown Lake)
Tie this bracelet around your wrist, 

Then close your eyes and make a wish.

Legend says when it breaks in two, 

The wish you made will soon come true.

Please note: Wish Bracelets are not intended for small children. Small charm and/or cord could pose a choking hazard.

Lake Raystown Wish Bracelet

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