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These custom pennies are a perfect gift for that special friend! Give her the gift that she'll take everywhere!

These pennies are sold as a set of two. You will receive 2 pennies with your chosen year, stamped exactly as the photos represent. There will be a heart around the year and it will be hand stamped with BFF est.

H O W TO O R D E R :

In the provided personalization section, enter the year you would like for the pennies. Both will be the same year. Most penny years are available from 1970-2022. If I do not have your requested year I will contact you asap. If you need a different year, contact me first and I can check my supply.

*****see my shop policies on hand stamping****

These pennies will be polished to a high shine and will look like brand new pennies when you first receive them. However, over time, they will darken because of oxidation. This is a normal process and you should expect it to happen.

*Some pennies are old or they are worn and I can not polish out all the stains. This is part of the uniqueness of this gift. Depending on the year and the availability they may not all look the same.

Best Friend Custom Penny Keychains

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